We are Deserts, But Populated by Tribes, Flora and Fauna

RhR_Laura Lima – pdf

RhR was initiated in its First Movement by Laura Lima who was, at that time, assigned as its administrator; “Laura Lima in the service of RhR”. This did not necessarily mean she was its sole author, because nomenclature did not mean much in such circumstances. Instead RhR was an “instance” which referred to both the instance of thought and the set of actions launched during that process. In the RhR instance Lima worked with the production of a collective body that continually reinvented itself in the landscape, by way of recomposing various bodies in new, experimental couplings and collectivities. So it was not so much about creating work as such but a question of leaving one’s territory and entering another. It was also about finding another language within the art language, a specific need to create barbaric words and from all that realize a new notion, a new concept, with other words, to enter a new territory – a construction, as she put it, “between poetry, reason, madness, existence and power”.
Published in: Laura Lima: On_Off, Editora de Livros Cobogo, Rio de Janeiro, 2014